Constructed in 1891, a quaint country inn on the shores of a pristine Northern Michigan lake opened its doors to travelers who trekked for hundreds of miles to enjoy the beauty of the jewel that lay before them – Walloon Lake.

Called Fern Cottage, the Inn was a destination for many visitors and also served as a docking point for the steamboats that would take the travelers to hotels or to their cottages on the lake.  Renamed the Walloon Lake Inn in 1981, the Inn operated as a bed and breakfast as well as a restaurant.

Today the Walloon Lake Inn is a unique upscale restaurant, which was totally renovated in 2014. It is a popular destination for people seeking a unique dining experience with a reputation of fantastic food, lovely atmosphere and superb service.



A lakeside private dining room dedicated to the history and heritage of Walloon Lake. From varnished mahogany walls to brass and leather detailing, every element of The Varnish Room was hand-selected to reflect the beauty and care of the stunning and historic wooden hull boats found on Walloon Lake.
Added in 2021, The Varnish Room is located on the upper level of Walloon Lake Inn and boasts breath taking views of Walloon Lake in every season. To host a private event or multi-course tasting, please visit the link below.


Long Island roots, Florida flavors, and Northern Michigan ingredients, Michael DeMarco. Head Chef Mike DeMarco was born in Long Island, New York and grew up with a passion for food influenced by the East Coast. He graduated with a Culinary Arts Degree from the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute, later bringing his talents to Northern Michigan. Mike has prepared creative cuisines for fine dining establishments including Boyne USA resorts and Sage. He loves to be outside in nature as much as possible, and enjoys long walks with his dogs. But mostly he loves being a chef and feels like he gets to spend his life doing exactly what he wants to do.


Northern Michigan Native and Certified Sommelier, Melissa Ogden. Melissa's experience in the restaurant industry began at the age of 14 and she quickly discovered her niche. With a strong passion for customer service, she excelled to leadership positions in every restaurant she worked for. She enjoys the close proximity of Walloon Lake and has invested her career to the growth and opportunity of the Village. She fell in love with Walloon so much that her husband is now a valuable asset through employment in the village as well. With 25 years of restaurant experience in Northern Michigan, Melissa is a General Manager who understands just what guests are looking for.